Bianchi, Prints and Frames, Siena, Tuscany - Italy
Bianchi, Prints and Frames, Siena, Tuscany - Italy  


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Fine art antique prints and wood frames in Siena Tuscany (Italy).

Store of ancient and modern prints, etchings, litographies, engravings, art posters and artisan laboratory for framing with wood frames. Items also sold on-line.

This family run company was established in Siena in 1948 as an antique and second hand bookstore, now specialized in antique and modern prints, etchings and engravings, with its own laboratory for framing.

Selection of wooden frames and fine art products (prints, hand-coloured engravings and etchings, lithographs, posters)
Black and white prints from the 19th century
Antique prints of various subjects
Views of Siena
Tuscan countryside
Italian architecture
English huntings
Pets (cats, dogs, etc.)
Flowers and birds
Various subjects

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BIANCHI Antique Prints and Frames The shop is located in the historical centre of Siena, Tuscany (Italy)
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